Member of the Institute of Trichologists Professional Standards Authority(tm) Accredited Register

The Northants Hair
& Scalp Clinic

NHSC Trichologist Lisa Gilbey is an accredited consultant regulated by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), specialising in hair loss and scalp complaints at her established Wilby, Northamptonshire clinic and treatment centre.

Patients can trust and gain extra peace of mind knowing that the high standard of care they will receive at the NHSC meets the Authorities robust standards under their Accredited Registers programme.

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Our Accredited Trichologist
can help with your hair or scalp problem

  • Hair thinning
  • Losing too much hair when washing
    and brushing
  • Hair breakage and over processed hair
  • Male and female baldness conditions
  • Menopausal hair loss
  • Alopecia areata / patches of loss

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  • Itchy, scaly scalp conditions such as persistent dandruff, eczema and psoriasis
  • Painful inflamed spots

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What is Trichology?

Trichology is a branch of medicine that deals specifically with the study of hair and the scalp. Qualified practitioners possess an extensive knowledge of the functioning of human hair and the scalp, and the concerns relating to the diseases and disorders it can be affected by.

Approximately one-fifth of all GP appointments are skin- or hair-related and if a GP feels a hair problem is deemed appropriate for a referral to a dermatologist on the NHS, there is likely to be a very long wait for non-urgent appointments.

There are only approximately 650 dermatologists (many of whom are part-time) in the UK so you can appreciate the lengthy waiting list as they specialise in not only hair but also in nails, skin cancer and skin complaints of the whole body.

Qualified Trichologists can reduce the work of a GP and dermatologist by offering services to accurately diagnose a condition, and if a referral is required for a biopsy can produce documents for a GP to refer you.

The Northants Hair & Scalp Clinic is a private-based service as Trichology is not currently available on the NHS. Read more about us »

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What do our patients say?

Lisa has been nothing less than helpful and patient, giving expert and scientific advice and support simply. I’ve dealt with hair loss for almost 10 years with it getting worse in the last 2-3 years and Lisa has been so quick with identifying potential issues whilst also striking out concerns I had regarding causes.

What’s more having had a terrible experience with “hair specialists“ in the past I was worried if I could trust her and she wouldn’t try and sell me phoney products, but as soon as we met her focus on my hair history, blood work and general health helped me know I was in the right hands. Plus Lisa is such an easy going and comforting person to talk to she makes it easy to trust her. I’m at the beginning of the hair journey and I’m excited to see what’s to come. Thanks for the support thus far Lisa.

Morayo Olumide-Diyan

I visited Lisa after going to the GP for hair loss, low mood and energy and brain fog. I just wish I had found her before! Lisa immediately put me at ease and has a very friendly and welcoming manner. She explained everything clearly, including the results of my blood tests, what they meant and formulated a plan to move forward. Nearly three months on, my hair loss has improved no end, I am feeling so much better and Lisa is still in contact with me, making sure things are working. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Jo Darley

I can’t thank Lisa enough for helping me today, she was able to make a diagnosis after a careful examination, she put my mind at ease after many months of anxiety , she also explained everything to me and was a kind and sympathetic consultant. My sincere Thanks and best wishes to you Lisa.

J Casson

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