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A consultation at the Northants Hair & Scalp Clinic is a private-based service where we can diagnose and treat your hair loss or scalp complaint.

The NHSC ensures qualified Trichologist practitioners give their patients a confidential, ethical service, offering guidance and support without the exploitation that often occurs through other forms of traders with a lack of medical knowledge and expensive miracle cures. We treat and diagnose any ethnicity hair types of male and female patients experiencing hair or scalp disorders.

An initial consultation will last approximately one hour. Diagnosing your condition involves conducting a full case history holistically to investigate all the causative factors and get to the bottom of what is causing your problem.

A typical consultation investigates your:

  • Medical conditions and medication history
  • Genetics
  • Hair care regime
  • Study your diet and lifestyle

Hair and scalp analysis

We examine your hair and scalp:

  • At detailed magnification using a Trichoscope (digital scalp camera)
  • Conduct measurements of individual hairs or scalp area for future visits
  • Analyse the condition of the hair shaft
  • Study the hair root/bulb on the loose hairs with microscopy
  • Photography also for monitoring purposes (if desired)

All conditions are then thoroughly explained with a prognosis, information to take home along with nutritional guidance for healthy hair.

In some instances it may be relevant to write to your GP if an underlying medical or nutritional deficiency is suspected. The NHSC will include your examination details and diagnosis, along with requesting any possible antibiotics, specialist referrals or recommended blood tests for your condition. This personalised benefit can be arranged for a small additional fee (as additional time is required outside of the consultation hour to write and personalise the letter for you).

Hair and scalp microscope

Treatment is not always necessary for some hair loss problems, just simply a correct diagnosis and identifying and removing the causative factors can be enough to rectify a problem (for instance a nutritional deficiency).

There are treatments available in the clinic and for home use if beneficial to the patient’s condition. Please visit our Treatment page for what the NHSC can offer you

High magnification hair examination

We see patients travel from Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire. Wellingborough is on the Midland Mainline trainline so the NHSC is easily accessible from London, Luton, Bedford, Nottingham and Sheffield.


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Clinic Information


Initial Consultation
Up to one hour
Initial Consultation with an In-Clinic Treatment
Up to two hours
(Under 16) Consultation

Up to 50 minutes
Hair Loss Virtual Consultation
(over 16s only)

Up to forty five minutes
Follow-up Appointments
Up to forty minutes
Follow-up & an In-Clinic Treatment
Up to one hour & thirty minutes
Telephone Follow-ups
(to discuss blood test results)
Up to fifteen minutes
In-Clinic Treatments
Please see our bespoke Treatment page
From £55

Follow-up prices are valid for a time period of up to 9 months after the initial consultation.

We charge the full cost of the appointment for missed or late cancellation.

Code of Ethics

We comply with a strict code of ethics and ensure complete patient confidentiality with the use of personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy for details of how we handle your data.

The Northants Hair & Scalp Clinic regrets to inform that it is unable to offer advice or give any diagnosis over the telephone.

All costs are fully explained before any appointment; you will not have to make any advanced payment and you will not be committed to any contracts for costly treatments.