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Patient Testimonials

The NHSC sees a large volume of patients every year at our Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes clinics displaying a wide variety of hair loss and scalp conditions. Here are some of their experiences.

When you notice your hair coming out thick & fast it’s very scary, particularly during lockdown when you’re unable to see any professionals! Luckily I was recommended Lisa, by my hairdresser. Lisa replied very promptly and was able to schedule a zoom call the next day, due to my desperate plea for help! Lisa was able to diagnose after viewing photos and taking an in-depth medical history.

Lisa has supported me on the phone and via email over the past 4 weeks which I am so grateful for. I’ve finally been able to have a face to face appointment (due to lockdown easing) to confirm everything and we have a plan going forward. I honestly can’t recommend Lisa enough, kind, caring and professional during such a trying time for all.

Louise Ward

I’ve suffered from severe hair thinning for the past few years despite taking good care of my hair and diet etc. It was really starting to bring me down - Lisa has not only been able to diagnose exactly what my problem is where GP’s have failed, but has put me on the right track to reverse my condition which is totally treatable!

It is so reassuring to deal with an expert in her field. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough. My only regret is that I should have seen her sooner. A thousand thank you’s Lisa.

Kerri Money

I received fantastic customer service from Lisa when I reached out to her and I felt she had a good grasp on hair/scalp issues affecting Afro hair - which is my hair type. Would totally recommend her to anyone seeking help, including individuals with Afro Caribbean hair.

Mazvita Horton

I luckily sought the support of Lisa from NHSC for my child who was very sick and losing her hair. After weeks of hospital and GP misdiagnosis, Lisa saw my daughter and did a thorough investigation which resulted in a correct diagnosis, this led to us finally getting the right meds from our GP plus a referral to a dermatologist.

I literally can’t thank Lisa enough as her professionalism and resourcefulness gave us a much desired solution. I strongly recommend Northants Hair and Scalp Clinic for anyone who has concerns or questions about their hair or scalp.

M Green

I am a new patient to the clinic. My experience so far has been smooth and assuring. I had my first part of my consultation via a Zoom meeting due to the current situation with COVID-19. It was very professional with lots of knowledge given to me. I then went into the clinic for a scalp examination which I had my scalp checked with a camera and had my blood works from the past 12 months explained. It was very reassuring. I couldn’t recommend enough! I now have a treatment plan in place and I’m excited to get back on track with a healthy scalp.

Lois Gibbons

My hair has really started to thin. No doubt it has been happening for a while, but i just seemed to notice it suddenly whilst on holiday a few weeks ago, using a shampoo different to the one I normally do, which had left my hair flat. The GP ordered tests but told me that it was likely that all I could do was some "creative hairdressing". This was very distressing.

I found the Northants Hair and Scalp Clinic and I am so relieved. I no longer feel like its the end of the world. Lisa looked through my blood test results in detail, and gave me a history of what was happening to my hair by examining my hair and scalp. She identified how long the issue had been going on, and amazingly, this tied in with a period of extreme stress some months before. She could also see that some of my bloods were ok for "health" but not for hair growth. I am so happy with the recommendations that she has made. I have two different issues happening with my hair/scalp, and to be honest, there is no possible way a GP would have identified these and provided me with the correct treatment. I am hugely grateful, and will be keeping in touch with this clinic in the future.

Elizbeth Burr

To read more testimonials from our patients, visit our Facebook page. If you are suffering with hair loss or scalp problems, contact The Northants Hair & Scalp Clinic to book an appointment with a Trichologist.

Lisa Gilbey MIT

Lisa Gilbey MIT is a registered qualified Trichologist with many years of experience treating patients who are suffering from a broad range of hair loss conditions and scalp problems.

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