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In-House Treatments At the Wilby (Northamptonshire) Clinic

At the NHSC, we boast to offer an exceptional range of Trichological treatments for male and females of all ethnicities to cover every scalp and hair type.

Whether you are looking to improve the condition, strength, shine, or thickness of your hair and promote a well-balanced healthy scalp or you have an ongoing issue with your hair or scalp, we have many extensive treatments to help.

A healthy scalp is key for optimum hair growth!

Hair and scalp treatments

Our ethical Trichology clinic will provide bespoke treatments, adapted to your personal needs in our private consultation and treatment room.

We can offer sulphate free, pH friendly, paraben free and vegan friendly sustainable products that do not contain animal extracts, nor have been tested on animals and are safe for colour treated hair.

Treatments at the NHSC gives you the added advantage of being treated by a registered Trichologist specialist who has extensively studied the medical and scientific aspect of the hair and scalp, helping you to achieve the optimum health and condition for your hair and scalp.

For advice and treatment for hair loss and scalp conditions, a full initial consultation is required to determine the correct diagnosis for your condition before any treatment can be undertaken.

Hair loss £55 (denotes a consultation or for existing NHSC patients)

At the NHSC’s private hair loss consultation and treatment centre, you can be confident we can improve your situation for you through years of experience offering ethically approved treatments that get results.

Suitable for both men and women, in the clinic we treat many forms of hair loss complaints such as excessive shedding, genetic balding, alopecia areata, traction alopecia and other patchy hair loss problems.

Using a combination of electrotherapy, lasering and advanced Trichology hair restoration technology products, we can support and offer you a solution through this difficult time in helping to improve your hair loss problem.

For cicatricial (scarring) alopecias such as frontal fibrosing alopecia, lichen planopilaris, lupus, central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA) and folliculitis decalvans, we can’t halt the disorder (this is a dermatologist’s specialism with medication), but we can certainly help calm the external activity on the scalp to reduce the progression of such diseases.

For treatment referrals to the NHSC, or you have previously been diagnosed with a scarring hair loss condition, please bring your medical letter of diagnosis and we will not charge the consultation fee; only the treatment fee will apply.

If you are under dermatology treatment, with their consent we can give you on-going help and support to monitor your condition with trichoscopy analysis assessments and treatments.

Scalp Dermabrasion £55 (denotes a consultation or for existing NHSC patients)

The NHSC offers private scalp treatments for calming burning red irritated scalps and soothe itchy, scaly scalps such as eczema, psoriasis, painful spotty scalps and other on-going scalp problems.

We will create a personalised bespoke treatment plan for you using anti-microbials, anti-pruritic (anti itch) products and safe topical dermabrasion keratolytics to remove stubborn scaling.

We can also use calming electrotherapy light therapy and offer personalised trichological preparations suited to your scalp condition to ensure you get the best results.

In a consultation we will also work with you to identify possible triggers and exacerbating factors that are prolonging your condition from clearing up.

There are no consultation fees for the following treatments (60 minutes duration), all comprising of:

  • A clinical scalp analysis with the digital trichoscope camera, including a before and after analysis on screen to determine any possible potential problems or to identify your scalp type
  • For structural hair shaft problems, hair breakage can be examined under microscopy
  • A bespoke treatment plan formulated to suit your individual requirements
  • Using only high quality Trichological products
  • A steam treatment to strengthen the internal cortical fibres of the hair
  • A shampoo and condition cleanse at our private backwash basin
  • A relaxing deep scalp massage
  • A professional blow dry can be arranged at additional cost

The Exfoliating Scalp Facial £55

Your scalp is an extension of your forehead, so give it an exfoliating treatment like you do your face to optimise healthy hair growth and leave your scalp feeling rejuvenated and replenished!

Many factors like stress, poor sleep quality, medication, illness and incorrect choice of products can all upset the mitotic activity in these scalp cells, thus highlighted under the scalp trichoscopy camera on an unhealthy, dry dull scalp.

A deep cleanse will unblock any clogged follicles full of empty sebum (grease) which you will see as “yellow dots” on the scalp trichoscopy camera.

Deep cleansing cleanses the follicular ostia and removes product build up, dirt/pollutants from the city air, impurities and loosen dandruff scales to rebalance the scalp microbiome.

Hydration For Thirsty Hair £55

A SOS powerhouse of replenishing, moisturising treatments recommended to repair dry, unmanageable, damaged or chemically overprocessed hair and to help control frizz.

Our deep penetrating treatments used alongside our steaming moisture machine, will help to repair the lost internal moisture (water) content of the hair and in turn, improves elasticity therefore reducing breakage factors.

Your hair will benefit beautifully by smoothing its cuticle layer down, imparting great shine and enhancing manageability for all hair types, particularly for Afro-Textured hair.

Rebalancing Detox Plan £55

A stressed hair and scalp can show in many ways if something is not right.

Overproducing too much sebum (grease) or experiencing an unpleasant odour from the scalp all point towards an unbalanced scalp microbiome which can lead to array of hair and scalp problems.

A rebalancing formula can help to level out the scalp’s natural flora by using anti-microbial products to help balance out yeast and bacteria levels and help with excessive sebum (grease) production.

We can also detox the hair by removing chlorine swimmer’s hair, cosmetic build-up and other oily residues.

Anti-Ageing Hair Spa £55

Our hair starts to change from the mid to late thirties, be it loss of pigmentation turning more hairs to grey causing texture changes or a degeneration of the individual hair strand itself- just as collagen in the skin degenerates and the skin ageing process occurs.

Our dual scalp and hair therapy revitalises the hair and scalp and improves the condition of drier, damaged or limp mature hair without overloading it.

Scalp Cleanse and Condition £30 (up to 30 minutes)

Ideal for the sole management of cleansing Afro-Textured and Multi-Ethnic hair types.

This regime removes oily products from the scalp and hair, followed by a conditioner under a steaming machine to promote elasticity and replace the water content in the hair to strengthen, and reduce the risk of breakage from styling and chemicals.

A hydrating, cleansing regime for the hair and scalp for a regular or monthly wash, steam and condition so you don’t need to do it at home.

After the backwash, we will apply hypoallergenic products to the hair and scalp before “rough drying” the wetness from the hair for you (or you can wrap your hair for styling after the appointment).

Long locks, or thicker hair may denote an additional charge if extra products are required.

The NHSC will happily create a bespoke treatment plan if you wish to combine some of the above options to suit your hair and scalps’ individual requirements.


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