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Boldly Facing Baldness

Losing your hair is a concern for most men and women too, and reports have found that an astonishing 13 million men and women in the UK complain of suffering from a hair loss problem.

The stress and anxiety experienced can be equally as bad for a man just as it is for a woman as Dancing on Ice judge and choreographer Jason Gardiner has highlighted in the media recently.

Baldness affecting men and women

So Spree decided to find out more on the problem and possible solution from Lisa Gilbey, a registered Trichologist who diagnoses and treats hair loss and scalp problems at the Northants Hair & Scalp Clinic.

Lisa said: “Research shows 50 per cent of women by the age of 60 are experiencing thinning hair, a quarter of all males by the age of 25 have experienced the early onset of a receding hairline and half of males by 50 will have experienced a denuding to the top of their head.

“Gordon Ramsey, Sir Elton John, Jude Law and Sylvester Stallone could not escape the effects of miniaturisation on the hair follicle caused by sensitivity to testosterone.

“Jason Gardiner is one of the many recent celebrities in the press turning to surgery to regain a full head of hair. Jason had 3,501 individual hair follicles transplanted individually into the top of his thinning head whilst watching DVDs, texting and stopping for a spot of lunch whilst under a local anaesthetic.

“Hugging his surgeon on the This Morning show, he described how the operation has “saved him from pain, self-loathing and depression”.

“An emotional rollercoaster of ‘struggling’ and trying to embrace and live with a denuding head of hair while working as a fashion makeover artist on television involved hiding under a hat, forming a security blanket for him.

“Transplants and men’s hair loss have received mimicking in the past but the truth reveals a reputable surgeon will leave hardly any evidence that such procedure has taken place.

“Gone are the days where surgeons use methods that leave their patient’s scalps like a dolls head. Technology has greatly improved.

“Each single follicle is artistically placed to resemble the hairline like they once remembered. Transplants are more affordable than once thought. A reputable surgeon can charge anything between £2,500 to £10,000 depending on the area size covered.

“As we know there is no cure for common baldness in men and women.

“A Trichologist can prescribe licensed products proven to work regulated by the Medicines &Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

“There are many Chinese imports, miracle cures and charlatans ready to take your money.

“Such licensed products used under monitoring by a Trichologist slow down the effects of the potent hormone converted from testosterone that causes a miniaturisation of one hair with each succeeding cycle and retains what you have.

“The only way to regain all hair is by a transplant. A strip of skin is removed in a small horseshoe shape from the back of the head. These hairs are unaffected by the effects of the androgen hormone that causes the loss and resumes growth as normal when implanted on the top of the head.

“Hair loss in both sexes can cause a huge effect on our psyche and affect our everyday lives. Anxiety, reclusion, depression, unsympathetic reactions from friends and family are all emotions felt by people experiencing a hair loss problem.

“My advice is to visit a Trichologist who can explain all the treatments available for both men and women’s hair loss problems, ethically without exploitation. A Trichologist can explain the full cost, the pros and cons of such licensed prescriptions and not entail any patient into treatments where some clinics commit you to expensive contracts prior to a ‘free consultation’.”

This article was written previously for Spree, Evening Telegraph.

Lisa Gilbey MIT

Lisa Gilbey MIT is a registered qualified Trichologist with many years of experience treating patients who are suffering from a broad range of hair loss conditions and scalp problems.

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