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Hair: You are what you eat

We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat” and this actually has great relevance to hair as it is a barometer of our health. Last week we got the experts to tell us how to tweak our hair regimes to avoid a bad hair day but this week, we asked Lisa Gilbey MIT, a member of The Institute of Trichologists from The Northants Hair & Scalp Clinic, to give us tips on how to obtain a healthy scalp and good quality hair through our diet. Lisa said: “Lacking in one food type can seriously affect the quality of hair, depleting the strength, reducing shine and can cause us to lose hair creating a reduction in density.

“Unbeknown to us, those who try different diets and cut out major food groups are depriving their bodies. “We obtain 50 per cent of our energy for our bodies through carbohydrates, 15 per cent via proteins and 35 per cent through good fats. “We all need energy to synthesise our body’s skin cells (including making new hair cells). “This provides normal functioning for our body’s development and renewal, lacking in an essential food type will in time take its toll on the body.

Hair: You are what you eat

“The topic in vogue in the media at present is red meat. We all require haem for iron to help red blood cells transport oxygen around our bodies.

“The highest source of haem (to make haemoglobin) is from red meat. “Women require more than men from losing iron during menstruation.

“A lack of iron can cause anaemia and hair loss. If you are deficient the little you have will go to your vital organs and the hair receives the small remainder. “The NHS website ( can guide you on food portion sizes and a well balanced diet.

“A balanced diet comprises of a variety of foods; carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and a small proportion of fats. “We all require good fats including a small amount of salt and sugar in our body. “Eating chocolate in moderation is no problem, although with Easter coming up unfortunately for some eczema sufferers this can exacerbate the condition and create great itchiness.

This article was written previously for Spree, Evening Telegraph.

Lisa Gilbey MIT

Lisa Gilbey MIT is a registered qualified Trichologist with many years of experience treating patients who are suffering from a broad range of hair loss conditions and scalp problems.

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